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James Martin says LGBT people are treated like lepers in the Catholic  Church, and it's time for a change. Image courtesy of James Martin

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Marriage and Financial Inequality: Why Gay & Lesbian Couples Pay More

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Open SocietyHow homosexuality became a crime in the Middle East

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The Rev. Cynthia Meyer, a Kansas pastor who came out to her small  congregation in January 2016, joins protesters outside of the United  Methodist General ...

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When the Supreme Court announced its decision in Obergefell v. Hodges* last  summer, it was rightly viewed as a victory for equality for same-sex  couples ...
Report of the third salzburg global lgbt forum now online. Estate planning 101 for same-sex couples. Print edition | china. Combating loneliness amongst older lgbt people. . Legal battle over gay marriage hits the supreme court tuesday. Experienced, competent, compassionate, caring service to clients in georgia since 1986. with an emphasis on serving the distinct legal needs of the. gay …. Protesters hold a pro-gay-rights flag outside the us supreme court on saturday, countering the demonstrators who attended the march for marriage in …. Video thumbnail. . Lgbt life planning. Florida gay and lesbian estate planning. Introducing steven petrow’s ‘civilities,’ an advice column on lgbt/straight etiquette – the washington post. Us republican senator rob portman favours gay unions. Gay cherryson. Guide to lgbt finances. … other homosexual acts such as passionate kissing, fondling or lesbian sex were not. homoerotic poetry was widely considered part of a “refined …. . Activists stand under an umbrella in the colors of the lgbt pride flag as they take part in a protest against westboro baptist church members demonstrating …. Daily chartgrim to be gay. Print edition | asia. Helping the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community with legal services throughout the lehigh valley.. ‘pumping’ is dangerous new fad among gay men – rolling stone. Los angeles lgbt estate planning attorneys. Equality in marriage may not bring equality in adoption. The vanishing terrain of gay america. Photo courtesy of jen hatmaker. . Common family law issues for same-sex couples. Michael made no qualms about admitting how hiding his sexuality for so many years had taken. . Estate planning for gay seniors. Gay-couple-getting-married-under-a-floral-archway-mst.jpg. Erasmus. Lgbt law. Despite external pressure, little talk of homosexuality at vatican abuse summit. How a gay teen, an internet nazi, and a late-night rendezvous turned to tragedy. Alexis arquette drops will smith gay sex bombshell. This year; celebrate #halloween🎃 with us at our #transmasc drop-in this wednesday, …. . Queer and transgender adult fiction that’s exploring identity, politics and love. Medical decision making for gay couples. David williams, an editor of the letter, a gay newspaper, in 1975. courtesy of david williams. Edie windsor, heroine of gay marriage movement, revels in a whirlwind year – religion news service. Learn about key coverage in the patient and affordable care act. Discrimination because of sexual orientation. On will smith’s seemingly strategic aversion to controversial roles… | indiewire. Jada pinkett smith said she and husband will smith won’t. … same sex divorce. Do you know what a durable power of attorney is?. I can’t still be gay. look how ugly this sweater vest is!”. What should a gay catholic do?. Pope francis leads an audience at the vatican on nov. 30. (cns photo. Gay marriage legal in california. New york lgbt estate planning attorneys | long island, ny estate planning attorneys. Bigstock-gay-couple-in-front-of-their-h-. … book_page_17 …. Jaden smith finally comes out as gay – boyfriend name is tyler – will smith is mad. @2ndharvestto will be; having a safe place to sleep at night should be a right, not a privilege …. Will smith gets scorched after ‘aladdin’ trailer’s released. Screen_shot_2014-11-17_at_1.36.09_pm.png. We asked every td and senator if they’re voting yes or no. here’s what they said.. … privilege; today is #transdayofremembrance. every year #trans people and allies gather to honour those …. Zimmer – lgbt estate planning 2. Information and support to help people with a learning disability to understand their sexuality and have relationships is lacking within many learning …. . Bishop tuell: how i changed my mind. Elyssa fahndrich 702530 unsplash 1. Happy lesbian couple with baby daughter for financial planning for lgbt 50+. Older gay couple. Stonewall inn bar in new york city 1969. Clockwise from top: courtesy of the author (x2); david williams, williams-nichols collection, archives and special collections, university of louisville. “. … a hand holding the rainbow flag (lgbt couple singapore_asia_law_network). Gay pride marches in new york city in the 1970s. leonard fink, courtesy of lgbt community center national history archive. By chris conde. Advocacy & services for lgbt elders. Donate now. If i am married, do i need a will?. I used to attend an ex-gay ministry. here’s why i now support same-sex relationships.. Same-sex attraction and the heterosexual gospel: an excerpt from jackie hill perry’s new book, gay girl, good god. So, bottom line — nothing gay to see here folks. just a very effective ad.. . The supreme court rules in favor of the baker who turned away gay couple: what. Lgbt attorney in west palm beach, florida. The argument against gay marriage: and why it doesn’t fail. . Interview where stephen fry tells gay byrne god is evil is up for an award.