Keep fit fuckers

Keep fit???

Happy Friday fuckers. Yes, this is BG speaking… well, typing, but you get  it.

Donna Ambrose Keep Fit

Installation view of “The Elephant In The Room (or Stanley Kubrick Isn't

fit fuckers

Since you fuckers keep asking for a fit pic ...

Fit Fuckers 1

I like both equally. I think Fuckitor is one of the most interesting print  jobs out there. Love the size of the book and the feel of the paper.

Fit Fuckers

Also, apparently “fuckers” is a bad word, and some people need profanity  earmuffs, so don't be surprised if they give you a bunch of shit for saying  “ ...

Keep sex keep fit CUM tribute


Fit Fuckers!!

ImageI'd just like to say; fuck the outlaw, fuck the hellion, and fuck the  RK7 ...

We keep fit fucking as much as we can


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I'm Filled With An Innocuous Seething Anger

Fit Fuckers

Obviously I'm joking, you humorless fuckers.* Substance abuse is never the  answer… but humor often is.
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