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Also any super hairy or double coated large dog is fairly high maintenance  to avoid odor, matted hair and having your body and home coated in a layer  of ...

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Hairy hairless girl lives in Texas. Her Mom and sister flew in to pick her  up. She is not even 3 pounds! $3,000 because a deposit was put in early.

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Mythic Saki with her sister from the same Mom and Dad from a later litter.  Saki is a powderpuff and Princess Pandora is a true hairless slate and pink  with ...

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The second picture is Dad in 2017 with hopefully our new Beardie stud dog ' Hairy Potter'. Only time will tell if 'Hairy' can pass all of the tests.

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First two photos are of Black, the Dad – and the following two photos are  of Quetta – Mom.

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Hairy. Beary. And a little bit scary. (Tibetan Mastiff)

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... book on the breed, says “Weimaraner colors range from very light to  very dark gray. The Germans identify these shades: deer-gray (very light  gray), ...


The result of breeding a husky and a pomeranian.

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