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Worshipers fill the Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Md. on Oct. 13,

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Bill Gothard, Christian counseling ministry leader with ties to TLC's  Duggar family, target of sexual assault lawsuit by 10 women

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Five Women Sue Fundamentalist Ministry With Duggar Family Ties |  Entertainment Tonight

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Two Bringing Up Bates stars denounce Duggar family ministry


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Duggar Family Mentor Sex Scandal: Bill Gothard Resigns From Conservative  Religious Organization After 35 Women & Teenagers Accuse Him Of Sexual  Harassment

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Ketcham, now 86, is facing a life sentence for molesting a six-year-old  patient.Ken Kolker/WOOD TV
Kim james in bangladesh with “uncle donn.” church officials already knew ketcham had a reputation for sexual misconduct. wood tv. . Charis barker (left), shown here at 16 in 1997, is one of the plaintiffs involved in suing bill gothard (right) and his ministry. (photo courtesy of charis …. Five women sue bill gothard’s ministry that has ties to the duggars. Hilaria baldwin (r) interviews josh duggar and his daughter during their visit with “. Foreground: bill gothard. background: a “ basic life principles” seminar. My childhood in a cult is hard to imagine – but my survival is truly unbelievable. . Another major ‘biblical patriarchy’ organization is in crisis because of a sex scandal. On growing up in bill gothard’s homeschool cult. The fundamentalist trap. allegations of sexual harassment brought down bill gothard …. . The duggar family visits ‘extra’ at their new york studios on march …. Duggar family mentor sex scandal: more than 35 young women & teenagers accuse bill gothard of sexual harassment, claims source. As sexual abuse allegations roll in, reality stars shun bill gothard — duggars silent. Opinion | the mistake christians made in defending bill o’reilly – the new york times. Josh duggar, who appears in tlc’s “19 kids and counting” was reported to. The bates family (photo by christopher martin/up tv via getty images). 635875074021804518-calthomas.jpg. Bill gothard (l), david gothard (r).. Spurlock says that she hopes the suit will stop these kinds of abuses from happening again. Bill gothard, ‘the fits,’ and me. . After josh duggar sexually abused sisters, family turned to local institute – chicago tribune. . More women sue bill gothard and iblp, alleging sexual abus…… | news & reporting | christianity today. The james family spent years raising funds to join the mission. courtesy of the james family. Simmons says that they had “no education” and “no friends” and were. Mar 15 podcast: interview with leah ross. The duggar family, lgbt hate and patriarchal abuse. Josh duggar and the sexual abuse allegations rocking 19 kids and counting | television & radio | the guardian. Duggar family friend bill gothard accused of rape, molestation. Discovery communications. Sexual assault case against duggar family minister bill gothard dismissed (report). Sexual abuse, shame, pseudo-science: the horrifying truth about the duggars’ ministry. . I could’ve been a duggar wife: i grew up in the same church, and the abuse scandal doesn’t shock me. . This slideshow is only available for subscribers. please log in or subscribe to view the slideshow.. The duggars and quiverfull: inside the extreme religious movement that teaches children are ‘weapons in the culture war’. . Sexual scandals and inappropriate behavior are as old as the bible. i give you (1 corinthians 5:1) in which paul writes: “it is actually reported that there …. The duggar family. Rep gunning for boehner’s job has long history with fringey duggar ministry. Spurlock owns a small business with her husband and lives in miami.. . Evangelical courtship culture normalizes men dating teen girls. Bill gothard and the iblp: is this what heaven looks like?. Moving forward from the duggar scandal: sexual abuse in the church and the epidemic of silence. Handout photobill gothard. photo by rowan gillson. The josh duggar scandal is part of a much larger christian abuse problem. Like many evangelical victims, kim james, now 42, felt abused not only by her rapist, but by her church. her name is now on federal legislation to require …. Sex and the liberal politician: a new york story. There’s an epidemic of denial about sexual abuse in the evangelical church – chicago tribune. Jill dillard. . Scandal explodes! now men accuse duggar family’s minister of sexual abuse & harassment in shocking lawsuit | radar online. . I feel bad for josh duggar. Inside the sick allegations: duggar mentor sexually molested minors, rubbed girls’ feet, exposed penis. minister bill gothard …. You may also want to read. A great sexual reckoning. … for counseling victims of sexual abuse.. Getty images/photo by mark wilson. Everything we know about the josh duggar molestation scandal. 1 / 18. Duggar christian organization sued for sexual abuse, harassment. Cal thomas: the catholic church sex abuse scandal. . A new statement by bill gothard. Growing up like a duggar — ex-followers of the family’s religion share their stories (exclusive). Testimonials_bill_gothard_-_2015-10-30_08.36.11. Jim bob duggar, michelle duggar, josh duggar, ati bill gothard. . Jasper james/getty. How to make an appeal, page 4. Arkansas times. Bill gothard breaks silence on harassment claims by 30 wom…… | news & reporting | christianity today. . … are content to leave their literal interpretations of scripture at the words on the on the page, ati also follows the law of bill gothard—a man who, …. Fundies are allegedly turning on disgraced duggar minister bill gothard. Despite (or perhaps because of) gothard’s strict gender hierarchy, he seems doomed to be an eternal, philandering, millionaire bachelor.. Jim bob michelle duggar ati. The catholic church sex abuse scandal | cal thomas. Homeschool leader disavows “patriarchy”. . White-house-1. An archived blog – inactive. Josh duggar sex scandal rehab. Handout photobill gothard. handout photo.