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... questioned Pompeo about his religious beliefs, suggesting that he was  unfit for the job. Specifically, he asked him about same-sex marriage.

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Democrats draft gay marriage platform. . . Same-sex couple ray durand (l) and his partner dale shields kiss while. Activists rally in support of same-sex marriage. getty images.. Gay marriage -democrat+republican- by xxh3lloxkimchixx …. Gay marriage and the democratic process. In fact, as donnelly marched in the indianapolis gay pride parade this summer, indiana republicans were fighting over whether the party should continue to …. . According to an ap source, the democratic party will include support for gay marriage in their official party platform. the announcement will be made at the …. Supreme court rules against same-sex marriage ban. John roberts says people want the ‘democratic process’ to decide gay marriage. he’s wrong.. Cynthia nixon reluctantly praises democratic primary rival cuomo for legalizing gay marriage. Who are the four remaining democratic senators not backing gay marriage?. Liberal democrat placards promising support for gay marriage in the london gay pride parade 2011. Majority of judges behind wave of gay marriage rulings were democrat -appointed. Supreme court declares same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. . A marriage-equality group said the referendums were a ‘most severe blow to taiwan’s. President barack obama speaks at the democratic national committee’s lesbian gay bisexual transgender leadership gala in new york, june 23, 2011.. . Former us president jimmy carter, 93, said jesus would approve of gay marriage but. Why this democratic senator won’t support same-sex marriage. Then there were 3: the democratic holdouts on same-sex marriage. Cliff owen/ap. Participant at lgbt caucus at the democratic national convention. the democrats’ platform includes supporting same sex marriage.. Democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton, gay marriage, and lgbtq rights: has the candidate. Kavin burkhalter, a volunteer coordinator for democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg, holds a campaign sign explaining how to pronounce the south …. Democratic congressmen support illinois gay marriage, though they can’t vote on it. Another senate democrat backs gay marriage. This combination shows file photos: (l) sen. mark pryor, d-. Gay marriage ruling: a political gift to hillary clinton?. Stronger together: gay marriage – 2012 democratic national convention video. Support for same-sex marriage could be official democratic stance. ‘we sent a beautiful democratic message’: supporters of mr alvarado celebrate after the. ‘. Pro abortion campaigners gather on parliament square to oppose a conservative deal with the democratic unionist party who oppose abortion and gay marriage …. Star-ledger graphic: where the legislators stand, based on statements by senators or their staff. Democrat 2020 presidential candidate and new jersey sen. cory booker prodded a trump judicial nominee tuesday over her views on same-sex marriage and even …. In this oct. 13, 2015, photo, democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton. Democrat double standard. Gambling on gay marriage. Democratic immigration extremism and warnings of extremism to come. … wife will testify this weekend before the democratic party platform drafting committee, urging democrats to take an official stand on same-sex marriage …. Bigots prefer to remain anonymous. Ted cruz, r-texas speaks to potential supporters at the londonderry fish and game club in litchfield, n.h.. for democratic politicians, same-sex marriage …. Infographic: 61% of young republicans support same-sex marriage | statista. Media release same-sex “marriage” – impact on children’s education. . Is trump considering this pro-abortion, pro-gay ‘marriage’ democrat for vp?. Missouri house democrat proposes end to gay marriage ban. Democratic lawmakers propose bills to repeal same-sex marriage ban in michigan. U.s. senators who publicly support same-sex marriage (ssm) both democratic u.s. senators. Oh, look: another democratic senator now supports gay marriage. Gay marriage rainbow flag news headline on us constitution. Same-sex marriage supporters rejoice after the us supreme court hands down a ruling regarding same-sex marriage june 26, 2015, outside the supreme court in …. Democratic party presidential hopeful sen. cory booker. credit: perry mcleod / shutterstock. . Gray: kentucky farm bureau should ‘adapt to the times’ on gay marriage. Democratic state senators who voted against same-sex marriage in new york face wrath of. Pro abortion campaigners gather on parliament square to oppose a conservative deal with the democratic unionist party who oppose abortion and gay marriage …. Cnn journalist and gay activist anderson cooper said that a person like florida attorney general pam bondi is a “hypocrite” for opposing gay marriage while …. On gay marriage, utah must protect its laws and democratic processes. Democratic missouri gov. nixon may be impeached over gay marriage decision. Republican incumbent c.l. “butch” otter, right, and democratic challenger a.j. balukoff laugh. Gay marriage and the democratic convention: 200 wiseguy words. Christianity is seen by more and more people as a negative message: anti gay, anti immigrant, anti abortion (as the only life issue), anti gay marriage, …. Social democrat party (psd) leader liviu dragnea votes in bucharest on october 6.. Gay marriage a difficult issue for gop white house hopefuls. Image via flickr. Same-sex marriage taiwan. Leader of the french christian democratic party, christine boutin, center, and mp gilbert. Democratic u.s. presidential hopeful and former u.s. secretary of the state hillary clinton speaks during the. Elizabeth edwards ok with gay marriage. Should gay marriage be on the democratic party platform?. The australian on the tenor of the “gay marriage” debate. Democratic rep gutierrez goes on crazy rant about how dems care too much about gay marriage. Click for photo: …. Governor martin o’malley signs gay marriage into law in maryland. Mayor rahm emanuel and attorney general lisa madigan in january, 2013. Sen. tim johnson (ap photo/haraz n. ghanbari, file). Gay “marriage”. Rev fred nile: imposing same sex marriage on traditional marriage is discriminating. States defend gay marriage bans as democratic actions. Utah congresswoman mia love attacks democratic opponent for supporting marriage equality. Andrew white, the son of former gov. mark white is running for texas governor. Joe biden gay marriage: ‘vast majority’ of house democrats agree with vice president. Romania europe referendum. Harbaljit singh kahlon also apologized for saying on a 2005 omni tv show that there is no research that gays are born homosexual. (new democratic party …. Kim davis, the county clerk for rowan county in kentucky, works with the county. After many weeks of equivocation, the democratic party finally adopted the protection of same-sex marriage equality as a plank on their national political ….